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If the sweet scent who has inebriated my gaze
with which my breath you now saturated
could give strength to a coward Cupid
to stay close to you would be reasonable

and I could wait that to your chest arrive
the noble dart directed to your heart
in a fervent expectation of the sweet verdict
with which my ardor is declared legal

so tell me the happy story
of your soul that is preparing for a kiss
so that in the darkness a starlight
from the boring life light up the party

and please be my fate so far concealed
the secret sense of a thousand wounds
the lighthouse with which my boat is driven
to lands of love that seemed lied

while I’m searching in your eyes a smile
please open the lips so much that is enough
so that the sweet Zephyr could warm my face
and transform forever the war into love

weapons and walls that time has prepared
please make them superfluous in a lash of eyelashes
and that by you my name be changed in that
which is vain word if is more than a whisper.

by Antonio Luca Siliotto -
(from the book Solidiversi, ISBN: 978-88-91039-80-4)
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